Carbonia Speargun

The idea behind the design of this speargun was to try to improve pulley system with emphasis on the three essential things:

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Removing the bridge

removing the bridge - stopper on the head of the speargun

Aligning rubbers

aligning rubbers in one straight line which are partially integrated into body of a speargun

Maximum stretching

obtaining rubbers maximum stretching

The most important advantages of Carbonia spearguns are:

Strenght and lower volume

its strength and lower volume compared to wooden spearguns

Extreme visibility and mobility

the head without any bridge that allows for extreme visibility and affects for best lateral mobility

The alignment of 6 rubbers in the line was excellent idea, and it canceled the vibration of the lowest rubber when settling rubbers into the pyramid system. The rubbers are integrated into body of a speeargun up to 3mm to avoid vibrations due to sudden horizontal movement.


Body of a gun

– is monocoque carbon fiber. We use only high modulus carbon which coupled with appropriate laminating techniques offer us excellent performance. Carbon body offer the stiffness, high fatique and diffraction strength, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. It means our gun has the best durability and no maintenance is required. Biggest advantages in comparison with wooden spearguns are hardness, stiffnes and low volume due to its lightness.



– we use mechanism from Ermes Sub which is one of the best mechanisms on the market. All our guns are equipped with double *roll version of Ermes mechanism. Double Roll version gives us an even smoother shoot with low trigger force.


Roller system

Roller system for pulley purposes are made from Harken components. Stainless steel housing which is polished to perfection gives us perfect saltwater protection. Stainless steel bearings withstand amazing amount of force and that’s why they are always our first choice. Rings on the carbon plate are the jewellery which can withstand forces over 190lb and gives us unique possibility for fast rubber removal.



– Mulinel on the gun can be in stainles steel or plastic version. It can hold up to 100m of 1.7mm diameter line. It is extremely rigid and no maintanance is required.


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