Something new.
Something fresh.
Something big.

Carbonia spearguns is a company of spearfishing enthusiasts. We would like to become a synonym for the highest quality carbon fiber spearguns. Our spearguns are designed with the best software programs, made with ultimate carbon fiber laminating techniques and equipped with top quality products on the market. That's why they are accurate, powerful and designed to perfection.

The spearfisherman is who hunts, but a speargun
should be his best lady.

Carbonia Story

The idea of a monoblock carbon speargun was created as a product of the cooperation of passionate fishermen and top engineers using the latest technology in the world of carbon.

The speargun went through a testing process, improving the detail, finishing the design and we consider it as one of the most technically advanced spreaguns on the market at the moment.


The folks at Carbonia dream big. Carbonia team constantly develop new principles and innovate at all time. We would like to be known as one of the best manufacturers for carbon spearfishing equipment all over the world. 



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